February 16, 2016

Nuclear man; the humane power station

Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace]

Heart Work

Fuel pulses through the veins,
heat radiates from our brains.

Energy stored in liquid gold,
yet how do we get a hold?

For fuel to go from heat to speed,
you must extract the work you need.

You'll have to rev up your old engine,
pump up muscle to feel the tension.

Information travels down the nerves,
extracted from someone else's curves.

When the heart grows fond of fine,
boot up your new production line.

As fusion stokes the hottest fire,
no doubt consequences will be dire.

Coolant helps keep the temper down,
try to not grow critical on your town.

Let off some steam, recharge your batteries,
People say that the wheels inside our heads spin until the gears click... Wouldn't that mean we think on rails, making it impossible to think outside the box? Man as a machine is not a piece of clunky hardware. We are not toasters. Toasters make bread taste better, we turn bread to shit. Are we an example of functional design because so many of us are giant assholes?

To glow sickly, making people ill or to shine brightly, empowering others? It sounds like an easy choice but it isn't. There are peaks and valleys that must be scaled, and not all minds are capable of conquering them without help. We all transform beauty into shit through our energy extraction but is entropy++ worth it? Do we make good use of the useful energy we suck out of the system? If you are going to create or contribute to an electrically charged atmosphere, make sure to add positive charge. Always being a negative nancy diminishes potential.

Video below;
"The Engineers at the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab (NETL) at UT Austin demonstrate a reactor pulse.

All the Control Rods are removed simultaneously allowing the nuclear reaction to proceed un-dampened, bringing the energy output of the reactor to 680 Megawatts in 50 milliseconds." - http://nuclear.engr.utexas.edu/

In case you are wondering where that mysterious blue light is coming from; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherenkov_radiation

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