December 20, 2014

Finding touch with reality

Apologies for the bait and switch tactic. I am just using the below video of the built for VR FPX game Adr1ft to reel you in. What I am actually trying to sell are the technologies being developed by Nimble and 13th Lab, the 2 companies Oculus just bought. Trust me when I say that the fruits of their labors are worth checking out!

► Nimble VR was founded in 2012 and since then they’ve been developing machine learning and computer vision capabilities to enable high-quality, low-latency skeletal hand tracking.

Nimble VR Kickstarter

► The 13th Lab has been focused on developing an efficient and accurate real-time 3D reconstruction framework. The ability to acquire accurate 3D models of the real-world can enable all sorts of new applications and experiences, like visiting a one-to-one 3D model of the pyramids in Egypt or the Roman Colosseum in VR.

Rescape - Reality Gaming Platform
13th Lab - Visual SLAM
Visual SLAM Car Navigation

It's been a while since I've raved about the coming virtual reality revolution but these clips really speak for themselves. The potential here is simply staggering. I have my doubts that the first consumer version of the rift will come equipped with features like these but we can all look forward to the kind of experiences they will enable in a very near future that is hurtling towards us at breakneck speeds.

What VR could, should, and almost certainly will be within two years

What VR could, should, and almost certainly will be within two years -

Facebook's Oculus Acquisition, the Future of VR & the Coming Creative Explosion that Will Birth Our Magnificent Metaverse

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