October 5, 2015

A Circle Inside a Circle

Holden - A Circle Inside a Circle

For my second #fivedayquest post I'd like to share with you the place from where I communicate with you all.

As you lay your eyes upon this hallowed ground, you must pay respect to the gods of geekdom, for this is an ever changing shrine to their most precious gifts. From the arcane and hyper modern knowledge stored in the books around me to the spine tingling thrills and heart-string tugging tragedies of the 20th century myths that live on an now ancient DVD collection, these are my most beloved non digital treasures. Surrounded by these most exquisite fruits of mind, this is where I play, eat and sleep and have spent so many hours of my waking life that no matter where I go from here, this will always be home. This is my sanctuary.

Apologies for the crappy picture quality, my phone is old and before you ask, no I do not have a girlfriend. :p

I'd like to say I had to resist the urge to clean up before taking these shots but who am I kidding, I've not once experienced such a feel in my entire life.

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