October 5, 2015

Love all the things!

Now normally I tend not to share personal stuff but since I've been invited by the lovely +Denise Case to participate in the #fivedayquest thingy, I am going to lift the curtain a little bit and give you a small behind the scenes peek at my life. Don't be alarmed, it'll only be for 5 posts and I wouldn't be me if I didn't try to package the personal with some of the usual geeky or sciency stuff.

It's been 3 years to the day since g+ launched and at the time I wrote down my point of view on my g+ profile page and I still stand by what I then said.

"I feel defined by what I love and besides the universe as a whole I also love being alive." Now there's more to life than love alone but it can't be denied that it plays a large part in making it worthwhile. Note that I am not necessarily talking solely about the cliched and somewhat narrow view of love as something that grows between two people. They say that unconditional love means loving someone without expecting to be loved in return. I love the concept but I think it needs to be expanded to include not just people and not just some things but many things. I think the world would be better off if we didn't treat the highest form of love as an exclusive product for that special someone. There's so many people and things out there that deserve to be loved, to be cherished, to have songs written about them, ... So many are left out in the cold, aborted before having had the chance to bloom. There's about 7 billion of us. It's a travesty that so many end up feeling alone and abandoned.

Sometimes I wonder how many things worthy of love still reside within the mysterious unknown but most of the time I am convinced the answer must be a very high order infinity. The universe is vast and we are tiny. What if we've only got so much love to give? Don't those cute sea pigs deserve more? What about Glaucus Atlanticus or any of the other millions of things you and I don't even know exist? Then again, would you give your life for a sea pig? No? Does that mean certain loves are cheaper than others? Are we flawed creatures for having such a limited capacity for love? Can we learn to love more and more deeply? Should we? If high value love is in high demand but feeds too few hearts while cheap love isn't nutritious enough, than the key, as usual, is balance.

In the last 3 years I've met many very interesting people. People I would have never known to exist had I not joined google+. They brighten up life and not a day goes by where one of them doesn't introduce me to something new I can love wholeheartedly. I'd like to dedicate this post to them, the two people below, whoever else is reading this and whoever is not reading this. I love you guys!

If you've been following me I probably don't need to tell you that I am deeply in love with the universe, life, art, science and technology but for my #fivedayquest I thought I'd share a look at what's made me who (or what? :p) I am and where better to begin than at the beginning? For day 1 I present to you the two people that have been showering me with love since I first saw the light of day.

I guess this is a bit of a cheat since I wasn't around yet when these pictures were taken but these 2 folks most definitely have "something to do with my life". In fact, if this pic was taken in 3D at a much higher resolution, you'd might be able to track down the egg responsible for my mitochondrial DNA. :) Although I am grateful for my particular nature, the genetic mix I've received, I feel downright lucky for the nurturing care they provided me with. Thanks mom and dad!

I'd also like to thank +Denise Case for the kind words and pressing me to expose a bit about myself. ;)

These are the rules for the game:
1) Post 5 shots on 5 days that have something to do with your life
2) Use the hashtag #fivedayquest on every post
3) Mention the person who invited you on every post
4) Tag a new person to join the challenge each day - no pressure, it's just for fun!

I'm wondering if +Rajini Rao might be interested to join in on the fivedayquest fun? She's a very open and passionate communicator but I also know she leads a very interesting but busy life so I would fully understand if you choose not to.

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