March 16, 2014

Halo Legends

A collection of seven short anime films set in the Halo universe.

The Babysitter
A squad of four Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, also known as Helljumpers, is sent into a Covenant zone under the cover of a meteor shower to eliminate a Prophet.

The Duel
Accused of heresy, an alien known as an Arbiter who does not want to follow the Covenant religion is sent into a trap when his wife is endangered.

The Package
A group of Spartans, including John-117, must infiltrate a Covenant fleet of ships in order to retrieve an important "package".

Origins Pt1

Origins Pt2
This two parter details the history of the Halo universe.

The story of Spartan II Daisy-023 and how she learns to deal with her beginnings.

A demolition team known as the Hades Squad, led by a marine sergeant nicknamed Ghost, is tasked with the mission of carrying out the Cole protocol.

Odd One Out

Spartan 1337 finds himself stranded on an alien planet after falling out of his transport ship. There he must battle dinosaur inhabitants along with the latest Covenant weapon known as Pluton.

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